Solon is a scifi/fantasy short novel by Joey Collard.


Carolyn Solon is a microbiologist who discovers a virus locked away in the human genome. She reconstructs its original form and unlocks an immense energy fueled by her own cells, becoming a superheroine and coming to grips with the mysteries hidden in the desert places of the world. Solon has elements of science fiction, fantasy, and comic book story. Read more about it.Solon Realization Scene

I'm making it available as a free ebook. You can download the PDF version,
or you can
download the ebook/prc version for your Kindle.
For Kindle Android users, the ebook .mobi version is probably best for you.

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A Kickstarter campaign to fund full artwork and publishing for the book recently failed to meet its funding.

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Thank you to all who pledged in this campaign.